Mini Superhero Challenge Ideas

The Children with Cancer UK Mini Superhero Challenge can be as imaginative as you want it to be.

We’ve outlined a few suggestions of activities you can get involved in, but please remember that the challenge is completely flexible so get creative and devise a superhero challenge based on the number 12 that fits perfectly with your current environment!

Chores for Change

Choose 12 chores to help around the house, at school or in your club. Commit to doing these for 12 days in a row and get sponsored for doing so… Too easy? Why not make it 12 weeks! #ChoresforChange

Mini Superhero Mile a Day March

Whether you walk, jog or run it – challenge yourselves to take on a mile a day for 12 days, get out in the fresh air with your family whilst keeping a safe distance and adhering to government guidelines.


Commit to the challenge of reading a new book each week for 12 weeks, if you think this isn’t challenging enough, make it a book a day for 12 days.

Alphabet Challenge

Pick 12 topics and see who can name 12 things associated with each of the topics from A-Z. E.g. A-Z of capital cities, A-Z of sports, A-Z of fruit.